About McCollough Scholten Construction

McCollough Scholten Construction, Inc. has been a local builder and general contractor since 1986.  Headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, the family-owned business specializes in commercial and industrial construction, be it conventional construction or pre-engineered metal buildings. McCollough-Scholten is also an industrial/commercial source for concrete projects including machine foundations, containment pits, slabs, sidewalks and curbs.

Since the company’s founding, the McCollough-Scholten name has become synonymous with quality workmanship, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.

McCollough Scholten Construction Headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana
Tim McCollough, President of McCollough Scholten Construction in Elkhart, Indiana

Tim McCollough, President

(One of) the men that started it all, our God-fearing leader, our President… Tim E. McCollough. You could say Tim was born into the family business when his father, Keith McCollough, started McCollough Construction before he was born. He is a man of integrity with a heart for the Lord- one of the reasons he is blessed with return clients that continuously trust him with their million-dollar projects. Now, 37 years from the start of MSC, it is tradition to begin every staff meeting with a prayer led by Tim. Drafting proposals, creating scaled drawings by hand, volunteering with a local youth ministry, and LOTS of coffee is a typical week for Tim. Despite his busy schedule, there are two non-negotiables he always makes time for: his relationships with Jesus and his family. He is a proud father to three and loves spending time with his four grandchildren!

John Scholten, Vice President of McCollough Scholten Construction in Elkhart, Indiana

John Scholten, Vice President

As a third-generation member of the MSC family, John Scholten proudly transitioned to the role of Vice President in the fall of 2022. The combination of his business degree from Indiana University and family background have provided him with a unique set of skills and experiences that aide in his understanding of the institution and its values. John married Kelly, his high school sweetheart, and they have been blessed with four children.

Christina Homes, Controller for McCollough Scholten Construction in Elkhart, Indiana

Christina Homes, Controller

Driven by faith and family, Christina Homes was blessed with the opportunity to become the Controller for McCollough Scholten Construction in January 2022. A proud alumnus of both Indiana University and Butler University, she carries a master’s degree in counseling that gives her an edge in her human resources capacity. Christina came to MSC with a background in government/private sector office management and accounting; however, being a boy mom times three has properly prepared her for the world of construction!

Jon Gordon, Project Manager for McCollough Scholten Construction in Elkhart, Indiana

Jon Gordon, Project Manager

Jon Gordon, the office busy bee, who did not have time for this headshot or to write his own bio (thank you, Tabi) is our Project Manager. With the highest level of seniority, Jon possesses a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry. Making sure projects are completed the McCollough Scholten way is one aspect of the processes Jon has developed to make sure we are exceeding the expectation of every customer in quality, support, and service. When he is not keeping everything running smoothly in the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 30 years and their eight grandchildren (their two sons are pretty cool, too). If you ask what he is most looking forward to, he will say retirement; however, we know he will miss the hustle and bustle of MSC once the time comes! Okay, maybe he could do without all the phone calls!

Tabi Wallace, Administrative Assistant for McCollough Scholten Construction in Elkhart, Indiana.

Tabi Wallace, Administrative Assistant

Tabi Wallace started with MSC in January of 2023. Her official title is Administrative Assistant, but just like her desks suggests… her role in the office is a catch-all for anything thrown her way! Her customer service background, and three-year-old son, have equipped her with the patience to juggle the ever-changing construction industry and all it entails!

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